The First Step is the Hardest.

This is the very FIRST blog post of the Alpha Physios! Like the title says, it’s difficult and sometimes intimidating to put yourself out there especially in the open web where you’re free to criticism. But as an important person once told me and a group of my peers, “Be comfortable, being uncomfortable!” So, I’m finally taking the next step with my personal and professional development.

We are super excited for this opportunity to be able to serve YOU!

I guess the very first blog post should be somewhat of an introduction right?

My name is Dr. Jomar Farrales, PT, DPT. I currently reside in Providence, Rhode Island and work full-time at Elite Physical Therapy. I attended school at Misericordia University in little Dallas, PA where I received a Bachelor’s in Health Care Management and my Doctorate in Physical Therapy all within 6.5 years. I am passionate about helping others and getting them back to doing what they LOVE to do! Continue reading