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“Both desire and imagination are stored in the mind of the individual and when stretched, both have the potential to position a person for greatness.” -Eric Thomas

What does this quote mean to you?

We, the Alpha Physios, want to help you achieve your potential in all aspects of your life. From a physical standpoint, we seek to educate and inform you on various and specific interventions to enhance your MOVEMENT, improve your physical well-being, and to PROMOTE a healthy lifestyle.

We offer not only education and interventions but we also offer custom exercise programs for you as well as tips and tricks for those of you looking to pass the NPTE.

Why do we do what we do?

Well, we LOVE helping PEOPLE! We want you to join us in our journey and gain self-awareness within yourself to proactively become engaged in your health and wellness.

We also want to educate the public about Physical Therapy, what it entails, and how we as professionals can help YOU!

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The Beginning of your Superior Health.


Dr. Jomar Farrales, PT, DPT

Dr. Mike Montalbano, PT, DPT