Dr. Mike Montalbano, PT, DPT

Hi all! My name is Michael Montalbano and I am the other Alpha Physio. Very excited to be here blogging to all of you so here’s my intro! I received my Doctorate of Physical therapy and Bachelors of Science (Exercise Science) from the University of Scranton in a straight-through 7-year program. I am currently preparing for the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE), which is coming up next week!


I am extremely passionate about Physical Therapy as a profession and I believe in it whole-heartedly. Another passion of mine is weightlifting, just like my colleague, Dr. Jomar Farrales. More specifically, I have been training in power lifting for a few years. I have utilized much of what I’ve learned from DPT school to better my movement patterns and overall improve my lifting capabilities.

We will be creating a very important section for our DPT student followers on advice when it comes to preparing for, and eventually passing the NPTE to obtain your license and begin your PT career! Our mission here with Alpha Physios is to spread knowledge with regard to movement. As humans, we are meant to move! Our jobs as physical therapists are to ensure that our patient’s movement patterns are appropriate for rehab, prehab, and life in general! Thank you for reading and please subscribe to our blog by inputting your email address through the “Follow” button so you can receive notifications on our new posts!




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